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america, our economy, our healthcare system, our partisan political ways. it has been a year since barack obama took the oath of office. sometimes his decisions as president have contradicted his promises as candidate. he even appears to be continuing some policies he once called mistakes. in many areas he has more than good made on his promise to change. fund amount fally change our country. obama for some he is exactly the president he said he would be, for others he is not. for voters it depends on what they thought they heard. tonight a unique hour. his campaign in a way that hasn't been told before in his own words. ee begin with one of the biggest promises he made to repair our image around the world. has president obama restored the united states prestige or damaged it with apologies? listen. (cheers) >> i will restore our moral standing so america is once again that last best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom. >> president obama em barks on the first european swing focused on the languishing glowing economy. >> if you look at the source of this crisis the united
, is "avatar" anti-american? some say yes, but some who hate america say no. and the white house has given the u.s. a new moral authority and we try to figure out when talking houses were invented and is leno back? coming up, the latest of all late night shows. >> thank you, andy. >> the originator and boy do i hate a perpetrator. oh yes, i suggest the rest -- unless you just address the finishness and manifest. >> i would get that checked out. >> there is no cure are to the funk, greg. >> there certainly isn't. >>> there are four scoops of super duper double up dided in awesomeness. our guest is as adorable as i am deplorable. i am here with fox news' jill dobson. she is so cute. hello kitty puts stickers of jill dobson next to her nightstand. 1k3* he is a fox news contributor and he is so bright the sun uses him as a night-light. and he is the hula to my hoop and the big to my wheel and the po to my go and the gnaw fan gnaw seat to my shaw win. it is bill shultz. he lives off dust bunnies in pain and he is the sexy stag of all things gag. sitting next to me, jesse joyce, writer and comed
happens and i watch how america responds with manpower, meals and medicine, i'm prouder. when the earthquake struck, america went to haiti. as for our critics that i shall can -- critics, they can o to hell. oh, and, welcome to our show. [ applause ] tonight, in a cable exclusive, the heroes of u.s. air flight 1549. captain sully and his copilot skiles reflect on the one-year anniversary on the miracle on the hudson. one of the most beloved tv personalities bob barker shares his memories of his legendary career. we'll be joined by a man of many talents. fox news ain care sley earnh ne will be here to share his life. he'll perform with the little rockers. [ applause ] if you would like to help the victim of the earthquake in haiti, the u.s. department of state says text 90999 and that will donate $10. go directly to the website at and give much more than $10. i hope you will. right now, we'll go to fox news' own bill helper w hemmer in laity wt haiti with the late. >> reporter: governor, hello from port-au-prince. we're standing in front of a soccer field and behi
: the fail >>> terrorist attack on northwest airlines flight reminded america soaring rhetoric and words are not enough to keep this country safe. it proved that despite the sweeping changes made after september 11th to the u.s. made after 9/11 to the u.s. intelligence community and airline security, serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how the president plans to address potentially deadly vulnerabilities. >> we are at war. we are at war al-qaeda. a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people than is plotting to strike again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> sean: all of that reads well off a teleprompter but will words translate into action? when the president laid out his plan yesterday, he did not fire anybody. he didn't call for new agency or reorganization. he didn't offer up any new legislation. he didn't announce any military action nor did he signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy. that same official believes the president is making changes to an -- to a system
a good show. america needs you. >> america needs you, my friend. >> no, america needs you. >> i already miss the raps. let's welcome our delicious and delightful guest. she is the hottest wench on the courtroom bench. i am here with tamara, rhymes with camera: and he knows trends like i wear depends. jonathon honey, capital pig hedge fund manager and seen every saturday at 11:30 a.m. eastern. i watch it every week. he knows hot stocks like i know pop rocks. i mix it with coke, people. he is thekato to my oj and it is bill shultz. he sleeps on a bed of banana peels. and he knows funny bits like i know crying fits. sitting next to me, the great comedian jim norton. his latest book "i hate your guts" is everywhere. if his talent was algebra, i would have done him twice. and then we have pinch our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> congratulations for scoring an exclusive interview with governor schwarzenegger over the weekend. they discuss healthcare. >> that was my shorts -- my schwarzenegger impression, greg. >> all righty. are guys the reason why healthcare is gon
guess he forgets the terrorist was rich. if america cannot grapple with this attack, imagine something far more devastating, like a second season of jersey show. if you don't agree with me, you're a racist and a homo homo-phobe. >> welcome back, jim. >> thanks, greg. a pleasure be here. >> i like starting off the first episodes of 2010 with my favorite comedian. doesn't putting this guy through court delay things? >> yes. a good question for comedy fodder. i have to disagree with something in the greg-alogue, that he is brought to be caught. i think it's humiliating. your genitals are on fire. it's an example of dumb americans trying to do the right things and putting us in danger. >> no one is talking about the actual injuries. i want to see what happened to this guy. i want to see if it looks like jimmy hormel sausage. i want to see the pun issue -- >> it's jeany dean, or hormel. i'm killing myself. >> i like that double-shot of you guys in. why strangely aryan for some reason. congressman mccotter, there's a guy earlier on fox news who said it's great this guy is being treated like
brown could do for them. 1k3* what grade do america'sca's kids give president obama?ds here is a hint. ht, i it is not a good, solid blid b plus. and do people say they are spiritual? they say namaste. dictate.your t and put it on pause the onece. that assures applause and a never takes a law to a can of cn coors. greg? >> thank you, andy. >>> let's welcome our delightful array of our beautiful and probably high as a kite guest. gives she hosts the diana falzone. show. she is so hot the sun uses her s to dry its hair. yes, the sun has she is the sexiest dame in theai acting game. lead actor and writer and producer for no good tv. she is cuter than a sm ru fn a riding a my little pony over a griffin skull.y. he is the raider to my paulyau revere, the pacemaker to my my jerry.rry and the her met to my herman and the blood and sweat to my tears. it is bill shultz whol vacations in turkish prisons. and he is more dangerous than jason born and more handsome than james bond and thewe ttellest guy you called a spy. hetting next to me is the cia operative.t he is so cool that ice cube
brown could do for them. and what grade do america's kids give president obama? here is a hint, it is not a solid b plus. and do people say they are spiritual to attract potential mates? some say no, but others say namaste. i originate and create and regulate chumps and set them straight. i get my point across because the boss is yours truly the source of force. never took a law stronger than some old course to a can of coors. greg? >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our delightful array of beautiful and probably high as a kite guests. she is nice and gives advice. she hosts the diana falzone show. she is so hot the sun uses her to dry her hair. yes, the sun has hair. follow along. she is the sexiest dame in the acting game. lead anchor and writer and producer. she is cuter than a smurf on a my little pony. he is the raider to my paul revere and the pacemaker to my jerry and the blood and sweat to my tears. my repulsive sidekick bill shultz. he vacations in turkish prisons. and he is more handsome than james bond and the swellest guy you called a spy. sitting next to me is mike
, what does the thursday campaign mean for america? beats us. plus, did america use an earthquake weapon to devastate haiti? some say no, but one south american dictator says si. and what is tiger woods going through at mississippi's general path sexual rehab center? hopefully not waitresses. it is dictation preceding my imitation the other emcees are an animation. when i'm finish you will see reality. i always speak with mentality. >> that was the best one yet. >> it might be the last one. >> i don't know. i think you can keep going with that. keep pushing it, my friend. >>> let's welcome our delicious, delectible and devilish guest. she is the loveliest treat on the news beat. she is so electrifing, the police only need to shout her name instead of using tasers. wow. and ron is back and better than ever. author of "the bachelor chronicles" and he is should sharp you can use his hair to trim your hedges. >> he is the family to my circus and the bloom to my county and the orphan to my annie. he is bill shultz. he scleeps on a mattress with stale rice crispies and broken dreams. and she i
, no, good night, america. >>> welcome to "red eye." it is on the waterfront. if by front you mean bed. let's go to andy for a free report. >> thanks. coming up on tonight's awesome show, a video from mpr helps you speak tee back. and was a man attacked and flea to a panic room while leaving his 5-year-old daughter. we report and you de vive. and was beyonce paid $2 million to perform five songs at a private new year's eve party thrown by khadafi's son? if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it which makes no sense. >> no, it doesn't, an dee. thank you. >> the a-1 sauce is known to blow time off course. even if i road around the world on a blind horse, i would get my point across. >> when i am called off, i have to saw it off. squeeze the triger and bodies are hauled off. you are straight out of compton. >> that's the new jersey i believe. let's welcome our guest. she is the sexiest wench and she knows deliberation like i know inebriation. i have a problem and i am not scared to say it. he is the classic coke of all things joke. joe devito is funnier than a clown who had to
. they do not want to hear that america wants real healthcare reform and knot a government-run -- and not a government-run system and will plow ahead regardless. >> he framed it quite well. all right, to the greg-alogue. it is a nutcracker of energy, it really is. -- of energy, it really is. so an article in the monday times tried to explain, quote, the overwhelming liberal tilt of university professors. the conclusion? it is not discrimination against conservatives. it is just type casting by conservatives. apparently conservatives don't want to be professors the same way men don't want to be nurses. rightys aboard tweet the way dan proof clogs. it includes journalism, art, fashion and therapy as other jobs righties avoid. conservatives head toward medicine, law enforcement, the military and late night shows about unicorns. think about it. the left graph taits toward fashion and therapy and the right toward medicine and might. what does this tell you? with the lefty jobs it is impossible for guidelines of success. look at modern art. it sucks. but in the jobs favored by th
. like 2011 being a window into your soul. and the boys wearing the americans are arab america is more incensetive than the shirts themselves. we need to worry about their feelings, not our. i read suspensions are not planned for the kids, and i'm happy about that. the boys should wear the shirts in a place where it counts. fund round-trip ticket to ground zero. you disagree, you're probably a racist homophobe who aheads dolphins. >> mike, know we agree on just about everything. >> we do. >> it was so easy when re re -- refurbish the house. but you disagree with me. >> i do. i don't know if we can bring that graphic up again. >> we're on a budget, sir. >> i don't know if there's a bird called a thunderbird. that may be a falcon. i looked at the story. i had seen the store before reading your greg-alogue, and i didn't have the same thought. i thought they were making a statement about american resilience, and they were actually proud to be americans, and they were -- you can't bring us down. >> but -- okay. there's something -- >> the first time we ever disagreed. >> i think i'm leaving
on the show sth. >> thanks. and thank you, america. coming up john edwards admits he's the father of riel le. hunter's daughter z why is the chinese government monitoring karaoke singers? saying only people who play "black eyed peas". and greg? >> thank you, andy. i'm stop and stand strong with the power of hercules, but you can scout my cameo ask i'll still have strength. if you try try to rip or get with the gab, you're oo thank god these are getting shorter. welcome our talent awesome gets. putting the fine in finance and when a hair cut. her staer can remove wrinkles from your clothes and jesse joyce funnier than a smurf on the horn of a unicorn. and there is my repulsive side kick, bill shultz. and regretting every moment he spends on this show, sitting next to me, mike huckabee. he hofts huckabee, named after him, which you can see here. huge ratings. he knows base lines like i know conga line. i dance to live. and he's just a creep who cries himself to sleep. it's our "new york times" correspondent. good to see you again, pinch. >> and scoring an exclusive interview with san francisco
from new york, defendingefenng freedom, good night, america. t,, >>> welcome to "red eye."t,t,t,, it is like where the wildt, things are, if you mean wildt,t, things you mean rashes.t,t,t,t,, let's go to andy levey for at,t, preview.t,t,t,t,t,t, >> coming up on the big show,t,, a new vaccine for cocainet,t,t, addiction doesn't keep userst, from president whating thet,t, drug.t,t,t,t,t, we'll try to figure out whatt, the point is.t,t,t, 59% of americans favor racialt,, and ethnic profiling fort,t,t,t, airline security.t,t, and finally, ford unveils at,t, new line of cars that willt,t,t, read your tweets to you.t,t,t, why the warranty is only goodt, for 10 years or 10,000t,t,t,t, characters.t, greg? >> thank you, andy.t,t,t,t, >> i liket, my beats stumper.t,, sometimes i get ridiculous andt, i eat your crackers and ridt,t, closes. >> all i want tt,o do is zoom,t, zoom, zoom and poom, poom.t,t, >> peace and humptynesst,t, forever.t,t,t,t,t, >> let's welcome our gorgeoust,, guest. she puts the fine in finance.t,, i'm here with number coal.t,t,t, -- with nicole.t,t,t, she is s
, and shirtless. thank god for oliver stone "secret history of america" will put mass murderers like hitler and stalin in context. stalin, mccarthy, these people have been vilified by history, stone told reporters. including putting mccarthy into the mix without causing a murmur. but it is just so unfair the way things work out when you kill millions of innocent people. true to his blind allegiance, stone says, quote, we can't judge people as being bad or good. hitler was an escape goat. he's right. finger-pointing is so judgmental. case in point, stone claims that conservative public didn'ts will hate the show, maybe because they hate excuses mass ask you raiding as empathy. i don't care if adolf's mommy didn't love him or the maid made fun of his willy. i had similar problems and i didn't kill 6 million jews, i think. but saying conservatives will be upset is a slap in the face to progression. unlike right wingers, the left will accept his look at history's greatest killers. and he is right. as embracers of all things relatives, they are the crackers to his cheese. if you disagree with me
. >> point bill. >> isn't this just whining? it seems like america has hurt his feelings. >> it is empty rhetoric until he admits he is playing a role in this devisiveness. is he proud of calling the cambridge cop stupid? is he proud of declaring a fox war -- a fox news war? these are silly things that he's done. he has entered into this, and if he would like to have a serious conversation about the tone in the country, he should set a better one himself. >> well put. ron, i don't think there should be unity. he is making a miss i can stay. isn't america about basically -- you know, not being unified. that that was articulate, greg. >> in theory, yes. in theory this accord is great. in practice, it sucks. look, the disappointment is natural. obama got in because he promised -- he basically promised to fill in the grand canyon with a soup spoon. now he is here, he can't do it. he's in over his head. he's not smug. he's not smug. you open a the door to the oval office right now and it is littered with empty pepto-bismo bottles. the guy is wearing a diaper. he is not smug. >> are we talking
to die in jail. he was responsible for over 300 people dying. >> send him to an hmo in america. that will kill him in two weeks. i just screwed myself with my health care. >> that's okay. an interesting point. but it doesn't help you once you leave the building. didn't we know this was going to happen? >> it's a testament to the restorative piewfers the -- pours of -- powers of the diserts. either that or the extreme beautiful nature of the libyan health care. now we could have seniors demanding the same health care that libyans get. >> that's going to be a problem. is he staying in your apartment? >> i can't fit another person in there, and i don't really have an opinion on this. i thought i would e-mail the former governor of arkansas because i wanted to hear the words huckabee and lockebbie in the same sentence. >> must have been four months ago, make three months ago when the guy got released,, and i predicted he would not die. he was perfectly healthy. go to the tape. >> that was actually me at the gym. >> that was a situation. >> it really was. frank, if he is still alive
easier -- now that's progressive! call or click today. from america's news headquarters i'm rick folbaum. president obama in massachusetts stumping for the democrat in the late senator ted kennedy's seat. some polls have martha coakley in a dead heat with republican senator scot brown. a brown victory would break the democratic majority in the senate and could complicate the passage of healthcare legislation. the special election takes place on tuesday. >>> a motel fire in alabama killing four college students. it happened at a two story hotel in the town of hoover. firefighters knew the four women were trapped in their room but couldn't get to them because of the flames. they were students atldo mississippi university for women about 40 miles a way. now, back to gerald "geraldo a" right here on the fox news channel. port-au-prince, haiti, we have all right we have some problems with our computer. we have with us congressman kendrick mede of the 17th district in florida. no politician in the united states is more personally affected by the tragedy here in haiti. little haiti in miami is
blames america for everything. is there any truth to this? should we be hanging our heads in shame? >> you know, this is insane. watching or listening to him speak he said, this is the response to what happened in copenhagen, you know what i mean? no, i don't know what you mean. it is ridiculous. she a struggling actor after "lethal weapon" and nobody has watched him. i wouldn't be surprised if this might be just a way to get some publicity around his name again. >> he has done this before. he is nut, right? >> yeah, i don't think this was a calculated attempt to latch on to a tragedy for personal gain. although i think a lot of other people are doing that. to chalk the tragedy up to anything other than plate tectonics is infuriating. there are a lot of things humans do to cause destruction, and an earthquake is not one of them. there are people on either side of the aisle who are trying to make a political point out of this and it is gross. like the robot said, be a political beast every other day of the year. to for a week put it to rest and be a human being. >> sometimes only th
for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show. >> thank you, and thank you, america. john edwards admits he is the father of unlet her's daughter. we report and you act surprised. and why is the chinese government keeping tabs on care row key singers? they say it is politically dangerous. but they are only arresting those playing the black eyed peas. and is downtown johnny brown presidential material? we will look at that. i stop and stang strong or emcees with the power of her could i go further the length and i will still have strength. if you try to rift and give the gift of gab. be sweeping on your rhymes until i start to snore. >> thank god they are getting shorter. let's welcome our awesome guests. she puts the fine in finance and what a haircut. i'm here with kelly evans, wall street journal economic reporters. she is to steamy her stair can remove wrinkles from your clothes. he makes men laugh and women gasp. he is funnier than a sm ru f sack craw sacrificing a rainbow bright. he is the hickory to my dickory dock. he is bill shultz. household cats use him as a scra
i have one simple question, how long should we wait? how long should america put its future on hold? >> i counted like 57,000 nancy pelosi blinks. obama is bringing up these mysterious people who tell him what to do and whatnot to do. who is he talking to that gives him the great advice that he keeps ignoring? maybe he should listen to them. worse, he says if you become a public servant you can dump your student loans. this is not what i would call a rallying cry for a generation. what is with the female democrats? they dress like realtors. do they have pictures on their business cards. i'm glad biden got his whitening strips back. it helped deflect the gleam off his forehead. and i don't care how cool the president is, and he is cool, members of congress shouldn't be scrambling for autographs. it is not like he is eric estrada. no one is like eric uh straw daw. if you agree with me, you are probably a racist. >> joel, how excited are you of the forgiveness of student loans? is it a good idea, bad idea? >> it is just more money in the big pot. that's maybe the problem. look, i have
have one simple question -- how long should we wait? how long should america put its future on hold? >> i counted like 57 nancy pelosi blinks. all right. obama keeps bringing up these mysterious people who keep telling him what to do and what not to do which begs the question who is he talking to that keeps giving him the great advice that he keeps ignoring. maybe he should listen to them once in awhile. worse, if you become a public servant you will be able to dump your student loans. what is with the female democrats? they dress like realtors. i'm glad biden got his whitening strips back. it deflects the glean off his forehead. members of congress shouldn't be scrambling for autographs. it is not like he is eric estrada. no one is like eric estrada. and if you disagree with me, then you are probably a racist. joel, how excited are you over the forgiveness of student loans? a good idea? bad idea? >> t is just more money in the big pot is maybe the problem. look, i have a home loan that if we are forgiving things, i figure if i wait out 20 years maybe that will help me out. >> greg:
. it is my understanding america is the most racist nation on earth and countries like france and switzerland are all the sophisticated people and they are above such things. is that not right? >> greg: it is not right. ail. >> allen, when did you short schilling for >> since the check cleared last week. i don't need sec, man, just cash. -- i don't need sex man, just cash. >> you mentiond that after franken denied leiberman's request for an additional moment to finish his remarks, senator john mccain stood up for his his colleague but you said it was the next day. it was right then. >> greg: i was reading the prompter. so whoever three-point put next day, pack up your things in a box and leave. >> it wasn't me. >> bill, you're outta here! >> all i did was get the cat birthday photo today. that is really it. came there about an hour ago. >> and you showed that clip of mccain saying this is the first time he had seen a member a minute -- denied a minute or two to finish their remarks. >> minnesota mark gaiten asked for unanimous consent to grant him 30 seconds or more to finish his
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)